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5 Steps to Becoming a Self Made Genius - Umarisah

             Being a self made Genius is not an easy task but possible and acheivable. Often times, people do wonder "who is a genius?", "How to become a genius ?", "Can people only be born a genius?". If you are determined and can follow all the steps highlighted, If you can learn as much as you can, think about it rationally, and make wise decisions that lead to useful actions, eventually, people will call you a genius even if they don’t know what the word means. They’ll recognize you as smart because your actions were important, and they’ll recognize you as wise because you saw farther truths than they could. Like hikers sitting on a rock, who can’t understand why the people who kept walking up the mountain have a better view, serious mided people will be all around you wanting to know how you do it. There are some  you need to take in other to become a self made Genius . These steps helps you to express yourself in a way that everyone around will be marvelled ; 

               Take for instance , you wanted to renovate a house , and you go from room to room changing one thing or the other then you get to a room that's really messed up , you will realise that it will take a very long time to finish renovating the whole house. The same thing applies to being a genius , you can't possibly stumble into it by just doing anything you stumble on hoping to make good use of your mind or subsequently your life. You need a written, step by step plan (preferably in your diary). Creating a unique way to understand life sounds like a monumental task that can only be accomplished by the greatest philosopher, but that isn’t the case. All you have to do is figure out what’s most important in your life (in order of importance , starting with the most important). You can make all the excuses you want for why you can’t do that, but at the end of the day , with all those excuses all you are going to accomplish is being kept  from making the most out of your mind  and your life. This is what you’re supposed to do; figure out and learning what is the most important thing in your life and knowing what really matters is the biggest part of growing up.

               The more you input , the more you are capable of producing as output. How are you going to understand life if you can’t take someone else’s word for it? By learning as much as you can and reading for truth. Most people don’t give themselves enough credit for how smart they already are. Consider how much you know about movies, music, and even sports. You’re probably a movie trivia genius. And how did you learn so much about movies or sports (football)? It is simply by watching movies/ sports (football) consistently and being up to date with news related to movies/sports. Even though you’ve wasted half your life watching mindless television you still know more about the world than anyone who was born 10 centuries before you. Relative to them you’re already the world’s greatest genius. You can become even more of a genius by consciously learning a little more about important topics every day.

               To understand the information you learn, Analyze the information  and make the best use of it. You have to be able to process the information effectively, understand the whole concept and how you can make jusicious use of it . You can memorize the encyclopedia, but if you don’t know how to think/use the information, all you are good for is reciting information, nothing more , nothing less. The better you are at thinking, the more valuable conclusions you can draw from the knowledge you have acquired. A man is just as good as his thinking  , you can't be better than your mind and that's why the change must start from there .

               You might be able to cram enough knowledge into your brain to win every quiz game in the world, but that doesn’t make you a genius, you just have a high IQ( intelligence quotient) What separates an average person from a genius is mainly, the way you process  knowledge you've acquired .Are the questions you ask meaningful? Do your intellectual pursuits make a difference in the world? Do they help people? Do they advance humanity? If not, then it doesn’t matter how many credentials you have or how many people pat you on the back, Your efforts are meaningless. We need geniuses from every walk of life. We need people who can solve  problems in the fields that they’re suited for. Finding answers to meaningful questions should be an exercise as a genius, but that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels for the rest of your life. In fact, nobody is a full spectrum genius. Every genius is a complete idiot on another side

               If you don’t question everything, especially your own answers, you’ll end up acting on irrational conclusions that will cause harm to you or others. You must provide answers to all the possible questions on the field you choose to be a Genius at .Following these guidelines , you would be a genius at your chosen field of study in no time  .

Monday, 22 July 2019


5 Attributes of an Excellent Student - Umarisah

              The pride of a good student is no just to graduate with a good grade but to be recognised as an excellent student . Attimes , students with good grades are not recognised as excellent student and sometimes take too long before they are recognised . Such students strts to wonder what really makes a student different from others?? , what really makes an outstanding student ??, Why are they not recognized as excellent student even though they are brilliant ??. All these and many more will be addressed in this write-up. The difference between a show off and a truely excellent student and the benefits of being an excellent student . You will understand what it truely means to be an outstanding student and the attitudes to inculcate to become one . As a student you should understand that in life, you can be whatever you want to be , with determination and focus , you will surely be the kind of student you want to be , first make the decision and take steps on it .
              An excellent student is a student who has more Understanding than his peers. An excellent person is brilliant but a brilliant person may not be necessarily excellent. A brilliant person has the knowledge of the things he/she has learnt but may not necessarily understand the concept of about the things he knows and how to use it to his own advantage . While an excellent student is one who has the knowledge and understands how to use the knowledge judiciously .He understands the theories on which everything he learnt is based on . He wouldn't only know why he reads but also would have gone further to discover much more than what he was thought, in other words , he is a genius in his own way . The attributes of an excellent student are that he/she;

>>>Contribute :-
                An excellent student always make his own contribution in class and during any group work. He pays raft attention to details and is actively involved in doing what should be done at the right time , he is always concerned about the success of a group work and does his best to see it through . He supports other group members in ways where they are lacking .He doesn't think about himself alone but about others as well. He understands that no idea is totally useless and that every contribution is essential to wander success.

>>>Always Sure :-
                The authenticity of an information is misconstrued whenever there is a doubt . A student who is not sure of the information he is putting down during an exam or test , cannot be recognised as an excellent student . An excellent student is able to defend whatever information he gives any day any time . He stands by his words because he is sure of it , he would have considered many things before arriving at his conclusion so he is very sure of himself and is also opened to constructive criticism. He understands that constructive criticism is not really questioning his results but helping him to be more certain that he is not making a mistake since no one is above one

>>>Modest :-
               An excellent student knows when to start and when to stop doing somethings , he understands when to ask and when to listen . An excellent student does not  write when he is suppose to listen not does he listen when he is suppose to write .He knows when to talk and how to talk . You might wonder , " we all know how to talk as far as one's not dumb(can't speak) or a baby " , but talking in this context is not just about uttering words , it is more about uttering the right words for each situation.

>>>Cooperative :-
               There is always a kind of team spirit in an excellent student , he/she understands how to work together with others to achieve the needed result . An excellent student don't just take charge of a group work and does it  alone unless the situation calls for it . He understands the necessity of each and everyone's contribution , he understands that everyone has something to contribute no matter how small . He knows that there is not much benefit in showing off . When an excellent person is the leader of a group, he studies and understands the strength and weaknesses of each member of his group and makes use of it to achieve the needed result . He wouldn't boss his group members around but join them and lead them in doing what should be done . Even without showing off or trying to prove his worth , he would be appreciated and known for being outstanding, a student like this is recognised as an excellent student .

>>>Reliable :-
              An excellent student is a reliable student whom other students can depend upon to explain very difficult topics to them . He is always willing to share his knowledge with other students, he understands that no knowledge is lost when shared but becomes more understood the more he shares it .One major thing an excellent student understands is that ' When you explain a particular topic over and over again to fellow students , you begin to understand it better yourself and with time you will know it by heart .
                 One thing you need to understand is that no one is born an excellent student , it's your actions that make you an excellent student . You may decide to be contented with being an average student or just struggling to pass  and on the other hand you can stand and make that decision today , to become an excellent student. It may not be easy at first but it is possible.

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5 Mistake Most Ladies Make in Dating - Umarisah

               Most times ladies try alittle too hard to maintain a relationship. Ladies often entertain the idea that , if a guy truely loves them , he will not leave them no matter out bad their character is. The truth is that you would have lost him long before you realise that you've lost someone priceless.

              Sometimes ladies forget that every guy has his own ego which varies f on one guy to another, so he's reaction to you whenever you hurt his Ego depends on the size of his ego . You have to understand a guy's psychology to an extent . Some of the major mistake ladies make in a relationship would be discussed in this post;

>>>Sex is all they want in a lady :-
                It is a common believe that the major thing a guy want from a lady is sex . The truth is that sex won't make him love you , only your character and your attitude towards him would.the major reason why ladies do make this mistake is that it is in a guy's nature to go after whatever he wants relentlessly till he achieves it .He'll go to nearly as much extent as he would if he were after you for the right reasons. If you don't show him something more than sex , he'll not see you as something more than that .

>>> Trying too hard :-
              You want to do all it takes to please him , you do whatever he asks of you regardless of your personal believe and ethics. He might tell you that  but the truth is that he'll get bored of that in no time . A guy wants someone who thinks for herself , someone who look into every issue and smartly analysis them adopting the good ones and making you reason with her by explaining the reasons for her decision. You don't need to try too hard , just be yourself , maintain your principles , you shouldn't be suffering or trying to endure a relationship. Take your stand , reason with him and don't fight with him.

>>>Trying to prove your Love to him :-
             In a relationship , you don't have to prove your love to a guy , you just have to show it . Most ladies have end up doing things they don't want to do in the name of proving their love for the guy they are dating. You just endup  portraying yourself as cheap  and sometimes characterless, you tend to show him a side of you that doesn't really exist. Don't try to please him just to make him happy , you can make him happy and pleased with you without bending to everything he wants. Some guys just enter into relationships probably because they want one thing or the other (probably sex or money) and not love and so as soon as  they get the chance , they take what they want and if you have nothing more to offer , there is nothing stopping them from leaving

>>>Caught up in someone else's story :-
            It's no new thing that ladies love to gist each other about things going on in their life and most times they talk about the good part and omit the excesses. After such discussions , Ladies often start comparing  their partner with their friends own , they start counting offences on things that were formerly acceptable  and the guy starts getting uncomfortable with the relationship , if care is not taken , the relationship will soon come to an end . As a lady , you have to understand that guys are different , they may just have a couple of things in common. Your partner's income might not be as much as the person you are comparing him with , he might even have more expenses . Your partner's job might not give him much time to spend with you like your friends case . You have to understand that guys have a great their differences and they each have their own way of showing their love to you and if you feel that he could do better without comparing him with anyone , you don't have to nag him , you can easily pitch the idea to him in a way that won't hurt his Ego .

>>>Living as Though Single:-
            Attimes ladies tend to make decisions that would affect their relationship without consulting the guy. And whenever the guy consults them on any issue they just  listen and make no contribution on it , some dont even show interest. A guy wants someone who would see the errors he overlooked in any situation and call his attention to it . Most ladies just go with the flow instead of making the flow smooth as you go. You have to understand that a guy you are dating is technically a part of you (you are not yet married so you both are not yet one), so you have to realise that each issue he tells you about is just because he wants to know your idea/take on the issue . Most of these issues are ones that could affect your relationship gravely. As a lady you have to learn not to look after your benefit alone . These are some of the things that makes a lady priceless before the guy he is dating cause he is always sure that no matter how confused he is about an issue , that he has someone who would help diffuse the confusion. Most ladies just care about the outing (cinema , shopping, clubbing, beach etc) ,some sex , and some just the title of being in a relationship.
               Most ladies are looking forward to getting married to the guy they are dating but they are not really giving the guy , reasons to . You shouldn't be a burden or an Obligation, you should be an asset which he would never dream of losing . It's high time you start making yourself an asset.

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5 Basic Advantages of Exercise - Umarisah

               Most people these days believe exercise are just for those doing sporting activities . The outcome of engaging in various exercises are life changing and this write-up will highlight the 5 major benefits of exercise , i.e the benefits that could be derived from engaging in Exercises. Some who know the advantages doesn't even engage in any exercise , they know the theory but they don't practicalise it  and like my mentor once said "  there is no difference between someone who can't read  a book and someone who can read a book but decide not to , they both have no knowledge of the contents of the book". The person who don't know the benefits of exercise and hence doesn't exercise his/her body and the person who knows but still doesn't engage in exercises are both missing out on alot of benefits. You see a 15year old who can't run 100 meters without running out of breath before half way ,a 25yearold who can't even carry him/herself up /jump-up , you meet people who look 10years older than they really are , all due to lack of exercise.

                Exercise helps to improve brain function , the brain functions more adequately when it is supplied with more oxygenated blood . Exercise increases blood flow to every part of the body including the brain, so it's advisable to exercise yours before reading so as to I crease your rate of assimilation. There are many examples of exercise including jughi, juggling, hopping , running , push-ups, press-up, squats , and many more , you can also hit the gym for more intense exercises.

>>>Resistance to Disease :-
               People who engage in regular exercise rrely fall sick. Exercise helps to strengthen the white blood cell thereby increasing the body's resistance to germs and diseases. Exercise helps to eliminate  liquid waste products/germs in the body that can cause ill health/ diseases through the skin as sweet. When you engage in exercises, your body emits heat which aids in the elimination of this liquid waste and hence the prevention of germs
>>>Proper Respiration :-
            Often times we meet people with irregular breathing. Allot of people can't breathe well  resulting into various respiratory infection in the long run .Unability to breathe well  also implies that less amount of oxygen than needed for the proper functioning of the body  is being taken in . This makes the person unhealthy and regular in need of medical attention . During exercises , your breathing rate is increased . This helps timorove the airflow into the lungs
>>>Increased strength and endurance :-       
  You can observe two people of same age , level of education , experience, sex and stature doing a particular job , one of them is very tired by the time they are through but the other one just did the job easily. The one that was very tired is suffering from lack of exercise. Exercise is to be done consistently so as to increase in  strength and endurance . If you start by jogging for 15minutes before you  run out of breathe , after two weeks of consistent exercise, you would be able to jog for more than 30 minutes. And gradually your strength and endurance will be increasing
>>> Fitness :-
               Regular exercise helps to achieve desired physique . Perhaps you have exceeds fat in your body , or you are obesed, regular exercise would help you eliminate the excesses fat and give you the physique you've always wanted. When you are fit , you become more attractive and it boosts your morale/confidence. Probably you plan on applying to join a  sporting activity buy your stature  is giving you the chills, you see yourself as inferior amist other participants. All you need do is to relax , and take a regular exercise routine . If you are determined , your confidence will gradually improve .
>>>Good Blood Circulation :-
              Probably , you are someone who doesn't like to stress him/herself, you think to yourself " well, am not overweight so I don't need exercise"or " Imay be slightly overweight but I like mystature the wayit is , just like that and I don't need exercise , it's just an unnecessary stress"  . This am sure of , you are very wrong, In this age and time an average person consumes allot of sugar ( in various forms though) which cause allot of havoc in the body. We need to burn off these excess sugars so that the body can function properly. Sometimes fat get into the blood stream and serve as blockage , thereby affecting the circulation of blood throughout the body . This could be prevented by regularly engaging in exercises, exercise increases our pulse and our heart beat becomes stronger increasing the strength of blood flow throughout the body.
               This I know for sure , try two weeks of regular exercise , like  four to five times a week , observe the difference in your body , then imagine the amount of benefits you could still gain of you adopt it as a way of life. All the benefits of exercise can't be discussed in a single write-up  cause it's vast , exercise have medical, educational, psychological and even emotional benefits.

Friday, 5 July 2019


3 Basic methods that helps to remember things faster - Umarisah

             People often wonder how to recall fast whatever they've read/learntThere is a high demand on students to remember whatever they were thought , and remembering it on time is the main thing. We all have brains of the same capacity but different strengths and weaknesses. The best student in your class might be someone whose brain could assimilate easily by just reading inside ( not aloud) and since you've always been advised to move with people who are supposedly more brilliant than you are , so you also read the same way he reads and even a little more at times but the results seams to come short . The advise is good , I agree with it but you are going about it the wrong way , what you fail to understand is that your brain might be the kind that assimilates faster when you read aloud or one that assimilate faster when you re write it on a paper or one that assimilate better when you imagine what you are reading in reality and lots more

                The very first step to remembering things faster is to know yourself and what better works for you. Try out every technique of reading you know and determine which one helps you remember things faster. Oftentimes we limit ourselves to being an average student while we allow the potential in us to lie dormant. No one is born a dullard , our rate of assimilation might be different but the journey to being a dullard or a brilliant student depends on our willingness to work. A lazy person can't possibly go pass average because he/she is not willing to work for it. For you to remember things quickly, you can try some of these studying/reading techniques we will be discussing .
                According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary : an" acronym is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term; also : an abbreviation (such as FBI) formed from initial letters " . This helps to reduce the volume of whatever we are trying to memorize, a common example is the colors of the rainbow ; Acronym :- ROYGBIV  which stands for "R; red , O;orange , Y; yellow , G;green , B;blue , I;indigo , V;violet ". You might have been trying to memorize it for a while but you keep forgetting some of it and it's already looking too much for you to grasp, just rearrange the elements you want to memorize so as to be able to form an acronym that you can easily remember whenever you are required to recall those elements
✓Mnemonics :-

               This is very useful when trying to memorize things in a specific order . You replace each word with something you can easily recall(like things you see or relate with on a regular basis). This method helps majority to ensure the correct positioning of each element you want to memorize. This method helps to make your reading more lively , it enables you to enjoy reading, no matter how boring the subject of study is.

             Probably , you couldn't read for more than 45 minutes on a row before, when you apply this method , you see yourself reading for more than 2 hours and you are neither getting bored or tired depending on how good you are at making up random phrases
✓Bringing into Reality :-

              This method helps a lot when you are not required to recall word for word . It helps you understand the topic better . The process involves you creating whatever you are studying in your imagination. Imagine that everything written in that textbook is happening right before your eyes . This method works wonders, this is so because an average human brain tend to remember events that occur  very easily. So the idea is to trick your brain into believing what you created in your Imagination  truly happened right before your eye. Subject you study in this way becomes very easy for you to understand and explain to others. And gradually you join the group of the brightest students in your class. This method does not only help you to recall things faster, it also helps to increase your creativity and alertness.

      There are a lot more ways that help recall faster but we only discussed the most effective methods. Tested and proven to be very effective and to add to it the major thing that helps your brain to recall is keeping calm , don't be too anxious and definitely don't be nervous. Anxiety and nervousness clouds your thinking and makes it difficult for you to recall things , so keep calm know what works for you, recall things faster and outshine the bright students.

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Can I Ever Love Again After a Terrible Heartbreak ?? - Umarisah

              During the course of time, people who've experienced severe heartbreak find themselves asking this question, you feel asif the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You sometimes wonder if you Can ever recover from the heartbreak ,if you could ever love again . From burden of your bleeding heart draws you down and you lose all hope of ever loving  again . You sometYou harden your heart and decide to focus all your energy and attention on other aspects of life , like your career .You do it so well that you start rising in your career , everyone start seeing you as a role model ( someone they wish to be like) you become a career person  and see yourself reaching for the moon and getting there. Everyone wish to be as successful as you and you use your achievements to cover-up any speculation of you being single

              The issue is that during the course of all these, your heart is bleeding inside .You realise that you are never satisfied with any of your achievements. In the eye of everyone , you pretend to be happy , but when you're all alone , you realise there is still a void in your heart which you need to fill. The more you shy away from this aspect of your life , the closer you are to depression. Money can make you happy in the short term but money can never buy happiness in the long term. In this situation usually the person may decide to get a child to fill this void , in case of a lady , she may opt for artificial insemination or just get a man to get her pregnant and she keeps the baby , no strings attached.For men, the guy could adopt or find a lady who is willing to give him a child  with no strings attached for a fee under a contract. All these have a 50% chance of failure
               You've been hurt, accept it . You've been heartbroken, deal with it . The probability of you ever loving again depends on you opening your heart to that reality .Life has a check and balance system so since you've been badly hurt by someone Life brings someone else to you . Someone who would makeup for the pain you felt .who would love you more than you think you deserve. You wouldn't see or notice this person until you open your heart to that truth. If you harden your heart and pour all your resources on your career , you can't possibly notice the person no matter how obvious it is . When you start believing in love again, you would be like "wow , so it was you all along , I can't believe I've been so blind since all these while". In life , who/what we need is never too far from us , we just don't open our eyes to see it.

               That you've been jilted a number of times doesn't mean  you will never find true love , it may only take time but that special person who'll wipe away your tears and put a smile on your face will surely come . He might just be that guy who is the first to call you on your birthdays , the one who 's always there no matter how bad you treated him . He invites you out but you denied thinking it would just be a waste of time , but on his side , he is trying to create an environment where he would be able to express his feelings for you. He might even express it and you think it's all a joke and laugh about it , he feels hurt but hides it under a pretentious smile  and he didn't give up hoping that someday you'll realise how truely he loves you and give him  a chance to prove it.

               She might be that lady who is always acting like a mother to you, she always try helping you solve whatever problem you may face , she gives you advise even when it's unsolicited. You see her as a friend but she sees you as more than that she might not come clean and tell you how she felt about you , perhaps due to societal ethics  and she might be able to summon the courage to tell you but you turn it into a joke and she hides her pains under a pretentious smile just to go into her closet and shed tears wishing she never tried that in the first place . The longer you take to start believing in love again the closer they get to loosing all hope of you ever giving them a chance to show how much they care.

               Most times when people in this situation decide to get into a relationship probably due to pressure from family and friends. The relationship would be short-lived because you are not putting your emotions in the relationship , your heart's just not there .From time to time you just see yourself disappointing your partner and you two just grow apart and he/she would just get tired one day and decide to leave the relationship.

               If you decide to start a relationship with someone after locking your heart from any emotions for a long time , the first step is to explain ourself to your newly found partner, let them know what you've been through and the it's effect on you. Assure them of your willingness to do your possible best to make the relationship work. After telling them this , follow your words and try your possible best to make it work . Paradventure there arrises a quarrel, under no circumstance must you use your past failed relationship as an escuse , it only shows that you are still dwelling in the past . The purpose of you telling  them about your past at the beginning of the relationship is all just to enable them to understand you better.

In life there are second chances, believe it and it'll work for you , Give love a chance ...

Wednesday, 3 July 2019


How To Prevent Yourself from being Heartbroken - Umarisah

       Often times when you meet couples who have broken-up and we wonder how to prevent our own rrlarelation from reaching that stage . Your relationship may be very strong , you both love each other from heaven to earth and you believe you two will surely live happily ever after (marriage)  just for an incident to cause you guys to break-up .You wonder why your strong relationship and love and affection towards each other was not able to withstand that ordeal/situation.

       You have to realise that for your relationship to be broken apart just like that , then something (s) must have weakened your supposedly strong relationship. You don't just get broken hearted  in one day , it is an accumulation of many things that do result in being heartbroken. Most people believe they know the origin of the break-up bit the truth is that they really don't . What we assume to be the cause of the break up is actually just a trigger .

       Your journey to break up begins with little little excesses which you ignore but gradually buildup Into a bomb waiting to explode  till the point a situation/occurrence act as a trigger and  you guys break-up , leaving you heartbroken. In this write-up , we will be discussing the major things that leads the road to heartbreak and how to prevent them;
>>>Trust :-

       The major key to a happy and long lasting relationship is trust. Lack of full trust in has caused alot of break-up, you claim to trust your partner but whenever the time comes to prove that trust , you always seam to disappoint .Each time you disappoint your partner or break his/her trust , a crack is made on your relationship, the more you distrust or break their trust, the more the crack and the closer you are to a break-up.
What you should have done ;

       You need to understand that loving someone means giving the person an opportunity to hurt you but trusting the person not to do so. Trust your partner no matter what you see or hear about them , give them the opportunity to prove themself to you. Try and do things that shows how much you trust your partner on a regular basis, this helps to renew the bond and try as much as possible to always say it to their face , the words "I trust you ...". Might sound trivial but it actually works wonders

>>>Ego :-

        Your way or the high way, you always make the say In the relationship . You assume your partner's idea is not good enough making them to have a low self esteem. You continue making all the decisions till the point where your partner start developing a phobia for contributing his/her own idea with the fear that it might annoy you. So even they have the best idea of a solution to a current problem you are both facing , they won't  speak up and you will both suffer the consequences.
What you should have done ;

       You need to understand that a relationship should be a symbiotic relation .Always ask for your partner's opinion on every decision you want to make as regards to your relationship. When your partner tells you stuffs like "you decide","it's up to you"," you know what's best""I have nothing to  say" or just "okay" , whenever you ask for his/her opinion,  then there is fire on the mountain. All these phrases all mean the same thing which is " since you are not interested in my opinion whatever you do is fine by me , shows you don't trust my decision". You have to appease your partner, let them take charge of making decisions and the you gradually start chipping in the idea of you two combining your ideas and deciding on a middle point which would be fair to both parties for your decision making.
       You two  might have different opinions but there is always room for a win//win situation. You two can meet at the middle and arrive at a decision together. This way your partner feels secured knowing that any decisions you both make as per regards to your relationship wouldn't be one sided and both parties would benefit equally.this strengthens the bond of your relationship


       There has been lots of situations where people have caused a scene  just because they saw their partner hugging or spending time with other people, maybe the opposite sex and they now start acting asif they own their partner and then you fight and reconcile later , just to repeat thesame scinerio later, this gradually portrays you as Immatuare in the sight of your separate them from their friends especially those of opposite sex. Each time you do this , a big crack is created on your relationship, weakening it
What you should have done ;

       You need to understand that your partner is not your property. You may feel jealous whenever you see your partner with the opposite sex , but you have to remember that he/she choose you and that they love you and wouldn't do anything that could hurt your feelings. Calm down and approach with calmness, by so doing you are showing a level of matuarity that will make your partner love you more. Let your partner know how you feel about the whole thing so that she could give you the assurance that you have nothing to fear. Under no circumstance should you separate them from their friends. You can join the  group if you still feel insecure and be friends with his/her friends but don't get too close, it might set off wrong signals

       You'vebeen dating for a while and you always follow thesame routine, you believe you have a constant relationship but your partner is getting bored. You see your partner's smile but you don't see the sadness beneath that face
What you should have done ;

       From time to time , bring in something new  into the routine. Try the normal stuff you guys usually do in other ways, probably you guys do go to chill and relax at the beach , this time , try swimming, try picking shells and make her a souvenir to remember the moment with , try horse riding, you can also try surfing if you are the adventure type. Ensure that there is no dull moment, see beneath your partner's cover , see what they truely feel and spice things up .

       Starting a relationship is a leap of faith you either live happily ever after or you get your heart broken. The choice is yours , your actions today all sums up to what tommorow brings