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5 Attributes of an Excellent Student - Umarisah

              The pride of a good student is no just to graduate with a good grade but to be recognised as an excellent student . Attimes , students with good grades are not recognised as excellent student and sometimes take too long before they are recognised . Such students strts to wonder what really makes a student different from others?? , what really makes an outstanding student ??, Why are they not recognized as excellent student even though they are brilliant ??. All these and many more will be addressed in this write-up. The difference between a show off and a truely excellent student and the benefits of being an excellent student . You will understand what it truely means to be an outstanding student and the attitudes to inculcate to become one . As a student you should understand that in life, you can be whatever you want to be , with determination and focus , you will surely be the kind of student you want to be , first make the decision and take steps on it .
              An excellent student is a student who has more Understanding than his peers. An excellent person is brilliant but a brilliant person may not be necessarily excellent. A brilliant person has the knowledge of the things he/she has learnt but may not necessarily understand the concept of about the things he knows and how to use it to his own advantage . While an excellent student is one who has the knowledge and understands how to use the knowledge judiciously .He understands the theories on which everything he learnt is based on . He wouldn't only know why he reads but also would have gone further to discover much more than what he was thought, in other words , he is a genius in his own way . The attributes of an excellent student are that he/she;

>>>Contribute :-
                An excellent student always make his own contribution in class and during any group work. He pays raft attention to details and is actively involved in doing what should be done at the right time , he is always concerned about the success of a group work and does his best to see it through . He supports other group members in ways where they are lacking .He doesn't think about himself alone but about others as well. He understands that no idea is totally useless and that every contribution is essential to wander success.

>>>Always Sure :-
                The authenticity of an information is misconstrued whenever there is a doubt . A student who is not sure of the information he is putting down during an exam or test , cannot be recognised as an excellent student . An excellent student is able to defend whatever information he gives any day any time . He stands by his words because he is sure of it , he would have considered many things before arriving at his conclusion so he is very sure of himself and is also opened to constructive criticism. He understands that constructive criticism is not really questioning his results but helping him to be more certain that he is not making a mistake since no one is above one

>>>Modest :-
               An excellent student knows when to start and when to stop doing somethings , he understands when to ask and when to listen . An excellent student does not  write when he is suppose to listen not does he listen when he is suppose to write .He knows when to talk and how to talk . You might wonder , " we all know how to talk as far as one's not dumb(can't speak) or a baby " , but talking in this context is not just about uttering words , it is more about uttering the right words for each situation.

>>>Cooperative :-
               There is always a kind of team spirit in an excellent student , he/she understands how to work together with others to achieve the needed result . An excellent student don't just take charge of a group work and does it  alone unless the situation calls for it . He understands the necessity of each and everyone's contribution , he understands that everyone has something to contribute no matter how small . He knows that there is not much benefit in showing off . When an excellent person is the leader of a group, he studies and understands the strength and weaknesses of each member of his group and makes use of it to achieve the needed result . He wouldn't boss his group members around but join them and lead them in doing what should be done . Even without showing off or trying to prove his worth , he would be appreciated and known for being outstanding, a student like this is recognised as an excellent student .

>>>Reliable :-
              An excellent student is a reliable student whom other students can depend upon to explain very difficult topics to them . He is always willing to share his knowledge with other students, he understands that no knowledge is lost when shared but becomes more understood the more he shares it .One major thing an excellent student understands is that ' When you explain a particular topic over and over again to fellow students , you begin to understand it better yourself and with time you will know it by heart .
                 One thing you need to understand is that no one is born an excellent student , it's your actions that make you an excellent student . You may decide to be contented with being an average student or just struggling to pass  and on the other hand you can stand and make that decision today , to become an excellent student. It may not be easy at first but it is possible.

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