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5 Basic Advantages of Exercise - Umarisah

               Most people these days believe exercise are just for those doing sporting activities . The outcome of engaging in various exercises are life changing and this write-up will highlight the 5 major benefits of exercise , i.e the benefits that could be derived from engaging in Exercises. Some who know the advantages doesn't even engage in any exercise , they know the theory but they don't practicalise it  and like my mentor once said "  there is no difference between someone who can't read  a book and someone who can read a book but decide not to , they both have no knowledge of the contents of the book". The person who don't know the benefits of exercise and hence doesn't exercise his/her body and the person who knows but still doesn't engage in exercises are both missing out on alot of benefits. You see a 15year old who can't run 100 meters without running out of breath before half way ,a 25yearold who can't even carry him/herself up /jump-up , you meet people who look 10years older than they really are , all due to lack of exercise.

                Exercise helps to improve brain function , the brain functions more adequately when it is supplied with more oxygenated blood . Exercise increases blood flow to every part of the body including the brain, so it's advisable to exercise yours before reading so as to I crease your rate of assimilation. There are many examples of exercise including jughi, juggling, hopping , running , push-ups, press-up, squats , and many more , you can also hit the gym for more intense exercises.

>>>Resistance to Disease :-
               People who engage in regular exercise rrely fall sick. Exercise helps to strengthen the white blood cell thereby increasing the body's resistance to germs and diseases. Exercise helps to eliminate  liquid waste products/germs in the body that can cause ill health/ diseases through the skin as sweet. When you engage in exercises, your body emits heat which aids in the elimination of this liquid waste and hence the prevention of germs
>>>Proper Respiration :-
            Often times we meet people with irregular breathing. Allot of people can't breathe well  resulting into various respiratory infection in the long run .Unability to breathe well  also implies that less amount of oxygen than needed for the proper functioning of the body  is being taken in . This makes the person unhealthy and regular in need of medical attention . During exercises , your breathing rate is increased . This helps timorove the airflow into the lungs
>>>Increased strength and endurance :-       
  You can observe two people of same age , level of education , experience, sex and stature doing a particular job , one of them is very tired by the time they are through but the other one just did the job easily. The one that was very tired is suffering from lack of exercise. Exercise is to be done consistently so as to increase in  strength and endurance . If you start by jogging for 15minutes before you  run out of breathe , after two weeks of consistent exercise, you would be able to jog for more than 30 minutes. And gradually your strength and endurance will be increasing
>>> Fitness :-
               Regular exercise helps to achieve desired physique . Perhaps you have exceeds fat in your body , or you are obesed, regular exercise would help you eliminate the excesses fat and give you the physique you've always wanted. When you are fit , you become more attractive and it boosts your morale/confidence. Probably you plan on applying to join a  sporting activity buy your stature  is giving you the chills, you see yourself as inferior amist other participants. All you need do is to relax , and take a regular exercise routine . If you are determined , your confidence will gradually improve .
>>>Good Blood Circulation :-
              Probably , you are someone who doesn't like to stress him/herself, you think to yourself " well, am not overweight so I don't need exercise"or " Imay be slightly overweight but I like mystature the wayit is , just like that and I don't need exercise , it's just an unnecessary stress"  . This am sure of , you are very wrong, In this age and time an average person consumes allot of sugar ( in various forms though) which cause allot of havoc in the body. We need to burn off these excess sugars so that the body can function properly. Sometimes fat get into the blood stream and serve as blockage , thereby affecting the circulation of blood throughout the body . This could be prevented by regularly engaging in exercises, exercise increases our pulse and our heart beat becomes stronger increasing the strength of blood flow throughout the body.
               This I know for sure , try two weeks of regular exercise , like  four to five times a week , observe the difference in your body , then imagine the amount of benefits you could still gain of you adopt it as a way of life. All the benefits of exercise can't be discussed in a single write-up  cause it's vast , exercise have medical, educational, psychological and even emotional benefits.

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