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5 Mistake Most Ladies Make in Dating - Umarisah

               Most times ladies try alittle too hard to maintain a relationship. Ladies often entertain the idea that , if a guy truely loves them , he will not leave them no matter out bad their character is. The truth is that you would have lost him long before you realise that you've lost someone priceless.

              Sometimes ladies forget that every guy has his own ego which varies f on one guy to another, so he's reaction to you whenever you hurt his Ego depends on the size of his ego . You have to understand a guy's psychology to an extent . Some of the major mistake ladies make in a relationship would be discussed in this post;

>>>Sex is all they want in a lady :-
                It is a common believe that the major thing a guy want from a lady is sex . The truth is that sex won't make him love you , only your character and your attitude towards him would.the major reason why ladies do make this mistake is that it is in a guy's nature to go after whatever he wants relentlessly till he achieves it .He'll go to nearly as much extent as he would if he were after you for the right reasons. If you don't show him something more than sex , he'll not see you as something more than that .

>>> Trying too hard :-
              You want to do all it takes to please him , you do whatever he asks of you regardless of your personal believe and ethics. He might tell you that  but the truth is that he'll get bored of that in no time . A guy wants someone who thinks for herself , someone who look into every issue and smartly analysis them adopting the good ones and making you reason with her by explaining the reasons for her decision. You don't need to try too hard , just be yourself , maintain your principles , you shouldn't be suffering or trying to endure a relationship. Take your stand , reason with him and don't fight with him.

>>>Trying to prove your Love to him :-
             In a relationship , you don't have to prove your love to a guy , you just have to show it . Most ladies have end up doing things they don't want to do in the name of proving their love for the guy they are dating. You just endup  portraying yourself as cheap  and sometimes characterless, you tend to show him a side of you that doesn't really exist. Don't try to please him just to make him happy , you can make him happy and pleased with you without bending to everything he wants. Some guys just enter into relationships probably because they want one thing or the other (probably sex or money) and not love and so as soon as  they get the chance , they take what they want and if you have nothing more to offer , there is nothing stopping them from leaving

>>>Caught up in someone else's story :-
            It's no new thing that ladies love to gist each other about things going on in their life and most times they talk about the good part and omit the excesses. After such discussions , Ladies often start comparing  their partner with their friends own , they start counting offences on things that were formerly acceptable  and the guy starts getting uncomfortable with the relationship , if care is not taken , the relationship will soon come to an end . As a lady , you have to understand that guys are different , they may just have a couple of things in common. Your partner's income might not be as much as the person you are comparing him with , he might even have more expenses . Your partner's job might not give him much time to spend with you like your friends case . You have to understand that guys have a great their differences and they each have their own way of showing their love to you and if you feel that he could do better without comparing him with anyone , you don't have to nag him , you can easily pitch the idea to him in a way that won't hurt his Ego .

>>>Living as Though Single:-
            Attimes ladies tend to make decisions that would affect their relationship without consulting the guy. And whenever the guy consults them on any issue they just  listen and make no contribution on it , some dont even show interest. A guy wants someone who would see the errors he overlooked in any situation and call his attention to it . Most ladies just go with the flow instead of making the flow smooth as you go. You have to understand that a guy you are dating is technically a part of you (you are not yet married so you both are not yet one), so you have to realise that each issue he tells you about is just because he wants to know your idea/take on the issue . Most of these issues are ones that could affect your relationship gravely. As a lady you have to learn not to look after your benefit alone . These are some of the things that makes a lady priceless before the guy he is dating cause he is always sure that no matter how confused he is about an issue , that he has someone who would help diffuse the confusion. Most ladies just care about the outing (cinema , shopping, clubbing, beach etc) ,some sex , and some just the title of being in a relationship.
               Most ladies are looking forward to getting married to the guy they are dating but they are not really giving the guy , reasons to . You shouldn't be a burden or an Obligation, you should be an asset which he would never dream of losing . It's high time you start making yourself an asset.

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