Thursday, 25 July 2019

5 Steps to Becoming a Self Made Genius - Umarisah

             Being a self made Genius is not an easy task but possible and acheivable. Often times, people do wonder "who is a genius?", "How to become a genius ?", "Can people only be born a genius?". If you are determined and can follow all the steps highlighted, If you can learn as much as you can, think about it rationally, and make wise decisions that lead to useful actions, eventually, people will call you a genius even if they don’t know what the word means. They’ll recognize you as smart because your actions were important, and they’ll recognize you as wise because you saw farther truths than they could. Like hikers sitting on a rock, who can’t understand why the people who kept walking up the mountain have a better view, serious mided people will be all around you wanting to know how you do it. There are some  you need to take in other to become a self made Genius . These steps helps you to express yourself in a way that everyone around will be marvelled ; 

               Take for instance , you wanted to renovate a house , and you go from room to room changing one thing or the other then you get to a room that's really messed up , you will realise that it will take a very long time to finish renovating the whole house. The same thing applies to being a genius , you can't possibly stumble into it by just doing anything you stumble on hoping to make good use of your mind or subsequently your life. You need a written, step by step plan (preferably in your diary). Creating a unique way to understand life sounds like a monumental task that can only be accomplished by the greatest philosopher, but that isn’t the case. All you have to do is figure out what’s most important in your life (in order of importance , starting with the most important). You can make all the excuses you want for why you can’t do that, but at the end of the day , with all those excuses all you are going to accomplish is being kept  from making the most out of your mind  and your life. This is what you’re supposed to do; figure out and learning what is the most important thing in your life and knowing what really matters is the biggest part of growing up.

               The more you input , the more you are capable of producing as output. How are you going to understand life if you can’t take someone else’s word for it? By learning as much as you can and reading for truth. Most people don’t give themselves enough credit for how smart they already are. Consider how much you know about movies, music, and even sports. You’re probably a movie trivia genius. And how did you learn so much about movies or sports (football)? It is simply by watching movies/ sports (football) consistently and being up to date with news related to movies/sports. Even though you’ve wasted half your life watching mindless television you still know more about the world than anyone who was born 10 centuries before you. Relative to them you’re already the world’s greatest genius. You can become even more of a genius by consciously learning a little more about important topics every day.

               To understand the information you learn, Analyze the information  and make the best use of it. You have to be able to process the information effectively, understand the whole concept and how you can make jusicious use of it . You can memorize the encyclopedia, but if you don’t know how to think/use the information, all you are good for is reciting information, nothing more , nothing less. The better you are at thinking, the more valuable conclusions you can draw from the knowledge you have acquired. A man is just as good as his thinking  , you can't be better than your mind and that's why the change must start from there .

               You might be able to cram enough knowledge into your brain to win every quiz game in the world, but that doesn’t make you a genius, you just have a high IQ( intelligence quotient) What separates an average person from a genius is mainly, the way you process  knowledge you've acquired .Are the questions you ask meaningful? Do your intellectual pursuits make a difference in the world? Do they help people? Do they advance humanity? If not, then it doesn’t matter how many credentials you have or how many people pat you on the back, Your efforts are meaningless. We need geniuses from every walk of life. We need people who can solve  problems in the fields that they’re suited for. Finding answers to meaningful questions should be an exercise as a genius, but that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels for the rest of your life. In fact, nobody is a full spectrum genius. Every genius is a complete idiot on another side

               If you don’t question everything, especially your own answers, you’ll end up acting on irrational conclusions that will cause harm to you or others. You must provide answers to all the possible questions on the field you choose to be a Genius at .Following these guidelines , you would be a genius at your chosen field of study in no time  .

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