Thursday, 4 July 2019

Can I Ever Love Again After a Terrible Heartbreak ?? - Umarisah

              During the course of time, people who've experienced severe heartbreak find themselves asking this question, you feel asif the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You sometimes wonder if you Can ever recover from the heartbreak ,if you could ever love again . From burden of your bleeding heart draws you down and you lose all hope of ever loving  again . You sometYou harden your heart and decide to focus all your energy and attention on other aspects of life , like your career .You do it so well that you start rising in your career , everyone start seeing you as a role model ( someone they wish to be like) you become a career person  and see yourself reaching for the moon and getting there. Everyone wish to be as successful as you and you use your achievements to cover-up any speculation of you being single

              The issue is that during the course of all these, your heart is bleeding inside .You realise that you are never satisfied with any of your achievements. In the eye of everyone , you pretend to be happy , but when you're all alone , you realise there is still a void in your heart which you need to fill. The more you shy away from this aspect of your life , the closer you are to depression. Money can make you happy in the short term but money can never buy happiness in the long term. In this situation usually the person may decide to get a child to fill this void , in case of a lady , she may opt for artificial insemination or just get a man to get her pregnant and she keeps the baby , no strings attached.For men, the guy could adopt or find a lady who is willing to give him a child  with no strings attached for a fee under a contract. All these have a 50% chance of failure
               You've been hurt, accept it . You've been heartbroken, deal with it . The probability of you ever loving again depends on you opening your heart to that reality .Life has a check and balance system so since you've been badly hurt by someone Life brings someone else to you . Someone who would makeup for the pain you felt .who would love you more than you think you deserve. You wouldn't see or notice this person until you open your heart to that truth. If you harden your heart and pour all your resources on your career , you can't possibly notice the person no matter how obvious it is . When you start believing in love again, you would be like "wow , so it was you all along , I can't believe I've been so blind since all these while". In life , who/what we need is never too far from us , we just don't open our eyes to see it.

               That you've been jilted a number of times doesn't mean  you will never find true love , it may only take time but that special person who'll wipe away your tears and put a smile on your face will surely come . He might just be that guy who is the first to call you on your birthdays , the one who 's always there no matter how bad you treated him . He invites you out but you denied thinking it would just be a waste of time , but on his side , he is trying to create an environment where he would be able to express his feelings for you. He might even express it and you think it's all a joke and laugh about it , he feels hurt but hides it under a pretentious smile  and he didn't give up hoping that someday you'll realise how truely he loves you and give him  a chance to prove it.

               She might be that lady who is always acting like a mother to you, she always try helping you solve whatever problem you may face , she gives you advise even when it's unsolicited. You see her as a friend but she sees you as more than that she might not come clean and tell you how she felt about you , perhaps due to societal ethics  and she might be able to summon the courage to tell you but you turn it into a joke and she hides her pains under a pretentious smile just to go into her closet and shed tears wishing she never tried that in the first place . The longer you take to start believing in love again the closer they get to loosing all hope of you ever giving them a chance to show how much they care.

               Most times when people in this situation decide to get into a relationship probably due to pressure from family and friends. The relationship would be short-lived because you are not putting your emotions in the relationship , your heart's just not there .From time to time you just see yourself disappointing your partner and you two just grow apart and he/she would just get tired one day and decide to leave the relationship.

               If you decide to start a relationship with someone after locking your heart from any emotions for a long time , the first step is to explain ourself to your newly found partner, let them know what you've been through and the it's effect on you. Assure them of your willingness to do your possible best to make the relationship work. After telling them this , follow your words and try your possible best to make it work . Paradventure there arrises a quarrel, under no circumstance must you use your past failed relationship as an escuse , it only shows that you are still dwelling in the past . The purpose of you telling  them about your past at the beginning of the relationship is all just to enable them to understand you better.

In life there are second chances, believe it and it'll work for you , Give love a chance ...