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3 Basic methods that helps to remember things faster - Umarisah

             People often wonder how to recall fast whatever they've read/learntThere is a high demand on students to remember whatever they were thought , and remembering it on time is the main thing. We all have brains of the same capacity but different strengths and weaknesses. The best student in your class might be someone whose brain could assimilate easily by just reading inside ( not aloud) and since you've always been advised to move with people who are supposedly more brilliant than you are , so you also read the same way he reads and even a little more at times but the results seams to come short . The advise is good , I agree with it but you are going about it the wrong way , what you fail to understand is that your brain might be the kind that assimilates faster when you read aloud or one that assimilate faster when you re write it on a paper or one that assimilate better when you imagine what you are reading in reality and lots more

                The very first step to remembering things faster is to know yourself and what better works for you. Try out every technique of reading you know and determine which one helps you remember things faster. Oftentimes we limit ourselves to being an average student while we allow the potential in us to lie dormant. No one is born a dullard , our rate of assimilation might be different but the journey to being a dullard or a brilliant student depends on our willingness to work. A lazy person can't possibly go pass average because he/she is not willing to work for it. For you to remember things quickly, you can try some of these studying/reading techniques we will be discussing .
                According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary : an" acronym is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term; also : an abbreviation (such as FBI) formed from initial letters " . This helps to reduce the volume of whatever we are trying to memorize, a common example is the colors of the rainbow ; Acronym :- ROYGBIV  which stands for "R; red , O;orange , Y; yellow , G;green , B;blue , I;indigo , V;violet ". You might have been trying to memorize it for a while but you keep forgetting some of it and it's already looking too much for you to grasp, just rearrange the elements you want to memorize so as to be able to form an acronym that you can easily remember whenever you are required to recall those elements
✓Mnemonics :-

               This is very useful when trying to memorize things in a specific order . You replace each word with something you can easily recall(like things you see or relate with on a regular basis). This method helps majority to ensure the correct positioning of each element you want to memorize. This method helps to make your reading more lively , it enables you to enjoy reading, no matter how boring the subject of study is.

             Probably , you couldn't read for more than 45 minutes on a row before, when you apply this method , you see yourself reading for more than 2 hours and you are neither getting bored or tired depending on how good you are at making up random phrases
✓Bringing into Reality :-

              This method helps a lot when you are not required to recall word for word . It helps you understand the topic better . The process involves you creating whatever you are studying in your imagination. Imagine that everything written in that textbook is happening right before your eyes . This method works wonders, this is so because an average human brain tend to remember events that occur  very easily. So the idea is to trick your brain into believing what you created in your Imagination  truly happened right before your eye. Subject you study in this way becomes very easy for you to understand and explain to others. And gradually you join the group of the brightest students in your class. This method does not only help you to recall things faster, it also helps to increase your creativity and alertness.

      There are a lot more ways that help recall faster but we only discussed the most effective methods. Tested and proven to be very effective and to add to it the major thing that helps your brain to recall is keeping calm , don't be too anxious and definitely don't be nervous. Anxiety and nervousness clouds your thinking and makes it difficult for you to recall things , so keep calm know what works for you, recall things faster and outshine the bright students.

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